ROLEDS Attended Lighting Forum in Xi’an

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In June, the ancient city of Xi'an ushered a light meeting.

On June 30th, the 2018 Xi'an Cultural and Landscape Lighting Forum were held.

ROLEDS was invited to attend this forum along with experts and scholars in the industry to share the shock and impact brought by combination between lighting and culture.

Meet a Light

Meet Xi'an, the Light of the Ancient City


▲Speech by Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society

Many scholars and experts attended in the forum. Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society, Wu Baoning, Secretary General of Shaanxi Lighting Society, Professor Yan Yonghong, Professor of Chongqing University Architecture and Urban Planning College.

They expressed unique insights into urban night lighting, light color culture and regional cultural travel, from the perspective of the region and the industry.


▲ Wu Baoning, Secretary General of the Shaanxi Provincial Lighting Society


▲Professor Yan Yonghong, School of Architecture and Urban Planningo of Chongqing University

After the opening speech, Zhao Wongrong, general manager of ROLEDS’ Xi'an Branch, delivered a speech and expressed his sincere gratitude and blessing to the forum.

He also introduced the team of Xi’an branch, and the night lighting projects they have accomplished, such as Xi'an Datang Night City, Xi'an Aerospace City, Airport New City, etc.


▲Zhao Wurong, General Manager of ROLEDS Xi'an Branch


▲Roleds Live Booth Photo

「One City Lit by One Light」

The iconic sign of the city - Mountain night lighting scene


▲ Hu Jie, CMO of ROLEDS

As the general title of the forum, ROLEDS shared the marketing strategy of the mountain body with the theme of “One City Lit by One Light– the mountain”.

Hu Jie, CMO of ROLEDS, preached that “The mountain nightscape has gradually become a new business card for the city’s cultural nightscape. Also, the tourist nightscape culture is booming, especially for mountain lighting, with the high demand and appeal.


▲Speech by Hu Jie

After continuous accumulation, ROLEDS has more than 10 years of experience in mountain projects. By 2018, 15 mountain projects have been completed. The participating mountain projects are distributed in six regions of the country and can provide solutions for various mountains night lighting.


▲ Hanshan Music Light Show

In the Hanshan music light show, it turns the night pearl legend into reality, using the language of light to express the Hanshan scenery of Tianhan Shuicheng and Rapehuahai, which combines music and lighting to present the unique Nanzheng human history and natural features.


▲Ordos Mother Park

In 2017, ROLEDS went into Kangbashi and used the MATRIX to light up the desert city of Erdos. Among them, in the Mother Park Project, we combine the unique historical culture with the natural landscape, show the layering of the hills through rich color changes, and light up the long river of nature and humanity with the light.


▲Chongqing Mother Mountain

In the mountain city of Chongqing, ROLEDS and Mr. Yan Yonghong, the host of the forum, jointly created a “Moonlight Forest”. The lighting project of mother mountain was awarded the 2017 North American Lighting Engineering Association's 44th IES Lighting Design Excellence Award and the 12th "China Lighting Engineering Design Award”. With the romantic moonlight and the stars, the city is shining with the brilliance of nature and the time.


▲ Night View of Mountain

At the end, Hu introduced the performance and application of the MATRIX 3.0 product series in the SCO and the illumination of Seaside Rocks—Old Stone Man in the distance of 300 meters. The long-range illuminating feature will provide more possibilities for mountain lighting.


▲ Old Man Stone from SCO's Qingdao Summit

ROLEDS is very honored to be the general name of the establishment of the Outdoor Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Lighting Society and the 2018 Xi'an Cultural and Landscape Lighting Forum.


ROLEDS sincerely hope that the Outdoor Professional Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Lighting Society will continuously shine on the road of light.

As a provider of LED outdoor lighting system solutions, ROLEDS will continue to focus on product technology research and development and strive to become the world-class lighting brand!





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