One City Lit by One Light

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On June 9th, many experts, scholars and elites from the lighting industry gathered in Guangzhou to meet the "2018 China Urban Lighting Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Nightscape Economic Development Exchange Seminar".

The seminar was hosted by the China Illuminating Engineering Society and co-organized by the Lighting Management and Operation Committee of the China Lighting Institute, undertaken by Shenzhen Juhui Lighting Information Service Co., Ltd and Zhongzhao (Shenzhen) System Construction Operation Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

ROLEDS was invited to participate in this event. During the seminar, ROLEDS discussed the development direction of urban lighting and how to meet new challenges and new opportunities of creating new value for the nightscape.

One City Lit by One Light

Wonderful light, the MATRIX blooms the light of city


In recent years, the city lighting industry has developed rapidly and has gradually ushered into a peak period. While the lighting industry is also facing various challenges under the development of lighting in various cities.

The seminar was based on the concept of “not forgetting the original heart, the principle of “sharing, creating, win-win, and symbiosis”, and the core of “pragmatic cooperation, mutual learning, and coordinated development”.


The industry's top experts and elites exchanged ideas during the seminar.


Photo of Seminar

ROLEDS participated in the event with the theme of “one City Lit by One Light”, explaining the MATRIX products for the guests, and introducing the major cases of the MATIRX lighting the city, such as Hangzhou G20 and SCO Qingdao Summit, Ordos, Nanchong and other projects, using the MATRIX to lit the city nightscape.




During the event, ROLEDS prepared a tea break for everyone and brought the most unique features of Hangzhou.



lighting Chinese Cities

Follow the light to enjoy city lighting landscape


Photo of Seminar

City landscape lighting not only highlights the charm of the city but stimulates local economic development, which is inseparable from the joint efforts of local governments.

Li Guobin, the chief engineer of the East China Architectural Design Institute and the consultant of the lighting committee construction and operation committee of China Lighting Society, was invited to host the seminar and gave a speech in the opening ceremony.


Li Guobin


Dou Linpin( secretary general of China Illuminating Engineering Society)

Many scholars and elites from lighting industry attended the seminar and shared their unique insights.

Rong Haolei, dean of Beijing Qingkong Habitat Optoelectronics Research Institute and president of Beijing Qingcheng Tongheng Lighting Design Institute.

Xu Jianping, Chairman of Zhejiang Yongsheng Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., Lighting System of China Lighting Society, member of the Construction and Operation Committee;

Wang Tian, deputy director of the Institute of Visual Art Design of the Qinghua Academy, co-founder of the visual design agency of Qingmei Daohe;

Xu Dongliang, head of the Dongliang International Lighting Design Center;

Liang Hao, urban lighting planning of the China Urban Planning and Design Institute, director of the Design and Research Center.

The interactive activity of the guests hosted by Zhao Jianping pushed the event to a climax.


Finally, Zhang Zhiqing, Chairman of the Liard Lighting Co., Ltd., summarized the meeting. The event ended in a dinner with a fancy lighting scene.

As one of the supporting units of this seminar, ROLEDS will continue to make efforts to promote the economic and cultural development, using the MATRIX lights the city and shapes the beautiful Chinese nightscape.





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